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J&K loses special status: Google tax may be levied in new Union Territory

India’s version of Google tax, or the equalisation levy, may now be applicable in Jammu & Kashmir. With Parliament passing a Bill to revoke Article 370, digital commerce operators advertising on global social media, which earlier did not pay Google tax on their operations in Jammu & Kashmir, may now have to cough it up at 6 per cent. According to people across companies, firms such as Facebook, Google, Amazon and Flipkart, among others, are all trying to figure out various tax implications of the government’s move. “We are assessing if we need to start paying additional taxes, and also if we have to change our accounting strategies. This will take a few weeks as the government has just made the announcements. We will get a better idea after we have a meeting with the tax department in Jammu & Kashmir,” said a senior management member at one of the biggest e-commerce firms. Industry experts believe the equalisation levy is something that may be applicable to the region, but…